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Pole dancing shoes - Exotic shoes - Stripper shoes

Picking the right pair of pole dancing shoes can make all the difference. It will affect your back, feet, posture and even your routine, because let’s face it, some acts can’t be done so easily with a 10 inch heel.

A great pair of pole dancing shoes will be well made, you should feel stable, It should give you support and comfort.  The Pleaser brand of pole dancing shoes is one of the favourite.  They have soft padded inner soles, with great grip on the bottom and an overall great fit.

The designs are very creative, which makes them popular with exotic dancers, from simple classic models to sparkly extravagant ones.

Pole dancing shoes with 5 inch heel or 6 inch heel or maybe higher?

It started out with the 5 inch heels being the common pole dancing shoes that most people used, however it quickly went up to 6/7 inch heels. When you see these exotic shoes up close you will realize that you can go for a higher heel because the secret is that the instep remains the same, unlike conventional high heels, the platform of these types of dancer shoes goes up too. So now you might be thinking to go as high as possible to get all the attention right? Well not so fast, once you go really high, you will experience the wobble effect, you will find it hard to balance but this will get less with practice and confidence.  Stick to a pair of no more than 6 inch heels when you start off.


Best pole dancing shoes

The best pole dancing shoes will be the one that fits your feet right. This means you will have to try and experiment with the different brands out there. Some people will have broad feet, some narrow, and some may find the way some dancer shoes are shaped doesn’t quite agree with their feet. For example a typical pleaser brand might have more upper coverage then say a typical footlights brand.


Best brands of pole dancing shoes

  • Pleaser
  • Erosella
  • Footlights collection

Each of these brands will fit differently and you may even need a size up or down.  

Cheap pole dancing shoes

Going for the cheaper brands is risky, because they can break easily, not last long and more importantly be very uncomfortable. In the long run buying cheaper brands will actually cost you more, because you will have to replace them regularly. We recommend that you spend between £45-£75 for a pair of 5 or 6 inch heels.


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