Durability guide

Durability guide




We provide a 28 day warrantee with any items purchased via our website. In addition we warrant that you will be entitled to the benefit of any warranties or guarantee given by our suppliers. This does not affect your statutory rights. 


Durability Guide


Below is a general guide of how long some of our brands should last you, this would depend on your use and would vary from person to person.


 Every day use

 Occasional weekly use

Occasional monthly use

Footlights collection  1-2 months  2-3 months  1 year
Pleasers  2-3 months  6-8 months  1-2 years
Nitelife / Erosella  1-2 months  2-3 months  1 year
Dr martens Footwear  1 year  2-3 years   5-7 years
Solovair  1.5 years  2-4 years  6-10 years