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Dancingheels offers a wide selection of pole dancing shoeshigh heel platform shoesexotic shoesdancewear and lingerie. With so many exotic lingerie that ranges from sexy nightwear to even sexy stripper clothes, you will be sure to find something that tickles your fancy. We have many exotic dancing shoe styles to suit those starting pole dancing classes to those wishing to have a pair of sexy high heel shoes for fun. Many who have never tried on a pair of our exotic dance shoes are instantly surprised at how comfortable they are, even with a 6 inch heel. The padded soles and unique fastening ankle strap will give you the perfect fit so you can go dancing all night long. if its pole dancing shoesstripper shoesstripper clothesexotic shoes, erotic shoes or even fetish shoes that you are after then you will be spoilt for choice here. Based in London, UK. Follow / join us on twitter, facebook for the latest special offers such as pole dancing shoes sale and when new styles are added. If you are unsure of which of these sexy shoes to get first, you can always contact us for help. 
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